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I've just made some chocolate vodka, soaking raw cacao in vodka for a week or so. The result is a rather nice, light brown, unsweetened chocolate flavoured vodka, and a pile of less chocolate-y than before raw cacao, tasting distinctly of alcohol.

I know what to do with the vodka, but has anyone any suggestions for the cacao?

Incidentally, this experiment was prompted after making 7.5 litres of quince gin (and the only use for the leftover quince was to throw it away).


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I've been thinking about this, too, and playing around with grinding them up to a very fine, smooth, paste (they're pretty soft) and adding them cake/brownie batter. I haven't made any in a while - but it's on my list for something to do the next time I make a batch.

mildly alcoholic cacao smoothie?  could be nice for the beach (its summer here).  muddle the nibs with mint for a mint chip martini?  add them to any kahlua or baileys based drink?

these are all wild guesses obviously.  

whats your process for the cacao/vodka, just soak them in there?  how long? what temp? i love vodka and have lots of cacao, i might start my vodka as soon as tomorrow.


Brian - I think this is a really excellent idea and a way to incorporate the cocoa-infused vodka in the same beverage! Not a Black Russian ... what might a good name be?


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