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Hi all,


It's getting to be melting season again. Does anyone have any tips or tricks for keeping summer shipping effective and affordable?


I'm looking for insulated shipping supplies that ideally collapse down to save storage space. Is there a space age solution I should be aware of?


Also, are certain carriers better than others at handling perishables?


Any input is appreciated.


Thank you,



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These look really good. They may have other issues though depending on where you live. I am in Australia and Australia Post is incredibly expensive AND they weigh pretty much everything. Hence I have to watch every gram (ounce?). A 500gm (about a pound) prepaid satchel is $8:25 normal post or $9.55 "Express Post") and the next size up (no pack options in the middle) is 3Kg (about 6.6 pounds). If they catch you out there is an "administration fee" plus the extra to pay. Hence cooling gels are pretty much out of the question for smaller items.


Justin -

This is a very good idea and one I never thought of before. It's a way to give customers a reason to remember you by giving them something they can reuse. Prices are a little high for many items until you get into the thousands of pieces, but when you consider the cost (and no recyclability) of polystyrene foam inserts I think that things really balance out.

:: Clay

I'd like to add a little something to the hot weather shipping conversation.  I'm not quite at the stage to do shipping (especially hot weather), and this thread is extremely valuable for it's tips and tricks (thanks all!).

 Anyway, here's my little tip in regards to worrying about condensation and the chocolate with using any kind of cold pack.  If you add a small dessicant dry-pack (they come in all sizes / a bunch are available on Amazon, just get one that is about the volume of your shipping box), and throw it in there, they do a great job of absorbing moisture, and could reduce if not eliminate any possible moisture build up from the cold pack as it warms up.  Also, if you buy in bulk, the unit price is quite reasonable.  I use dry packs in all my air-tight storage containers for the chocolate, and for any molded chocolate I finished setting, and they do a great job of keeping the moisture away.

Hope this helps.  :-)

We sell our chocolate bars wholesale to stores across the country. Shipping costs are a sensitive issue for a lot of stores. I've ordered excellent shipping containers from a company specializing in warm weather shipping materials. The containers (which can hold 130 of our bars) cost $15. Then the cost to ship them to me is almost $10 per box because they take up so much empty air space. Passing along $25 in a container fees is rarely an option. A few days ago I noticed disposable Styrofoam coolers with a lid for sale at the local grocery store. They cost $3.50 each. They stack up really well. Also, I don't have to pay expensive shipping costs to get it to me. I plan on putting our bars in one of these coolers than taping the lid shut. I will then put this cooler in a corrugated box and ship out. The quality of these coolers is not perfect, but with some added ice packs I think they just might do the job.


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