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Hi all,


It's getting to be melting season again. Does anyone have any tips or tricks for keeping summer shipping effective and affordable?


I'm looking for insulated shipping supplies that ideally collapse down to save storage space. Is there a space age solution I should be aware of?


Also, are certain carriers better than others at handling perishables?


Any input is appreciated.


Thank you,



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I received some chocolate shipped in some of these and was very impressed with it. Can you give an idea of what the pricing is like?

Wholesale pricing last year for the Medium Flat Rate box (11x8.5x5.5) was $3.34. The Large Flat rate box pad set was $4.66. I think their minimum qty for wholesale was 25 sets.

Is styrofoam box a good option instead of insulator bubble wrap or inserting thermocols on sides / tops / bottom serves the purpose?

Old newspaper print or heavy Kraft paper is an excellent and cheap way to provide extra insulation inside of the mailing carton. Freezing the product prior to putting it in the shipping carton also helps. And if there is time prior to pick-up time put the whole package into freezer. This will extend the time that the package will be below point of melting. All shipping trucks and mail cars are metal boxes just like a convection oven (frozen items take longer to cook than refrigerated or room temp).

Here in Sydney we have had some really hot weather of late (some really cold days with a lot of rain too - pretty weird really).

Of course I want to be able to mail chocolate out and don't want people put off buying! So with this thread in mind I wrote up what I actually DO when I mail chocolate and made it into a page on my web site.

As The Chocolate Life members in the US and Europe are now heading towards warmer weather again (yes - really - even if looking at snow doesn't bring "hot" to mind yet) some of you might be able to use this, and now is surely a good idea to get ready!

Hope this is useful to some of you!



Thanks for the link. Helpful tips many people can learn from and use.

Does anyone have experience with Thermo Pod?  Their insulating material is reclaimed cotton fiber.  It's bound by a polymer that is solid outside and perforated inside so the cotton can wick any moisture that may occur.  Thicknesses from 3/4" - 1 1/2".  The gentleman told me also that Koolit and Polarpak (600 series) were superior gel packs in testing they conducted.  The cooling longevity for a 1 pound gel pack is nearly twice as long as 2 8 oz gel packs.  Total mass of the gel and surface area for warm air to radiate heat inward makes the difference. Makes sense when you think about it.  Don't have pricing as of yet and their products are not off the shelf.  They are made to order with a 2 week lead time.  It's supposed to be 100 here next Thursday so its time to get our coolness on.   We've been using second hand foam coolers from a twitter follower who works at the Medical Center.  Those insulated containers were headed for the dumpster anyways, so it's nice to get another use out of them. You just have to tape over the BIOHAZARD stickers if you don't want to disturb the client.  The supply of these is no longer enough for us so its time to find another solution.

Did a little longevity comparison on two one pound gel packs.  The one that is thicker with a smaller width and length footprint remained cooler.  Less surface area for hot air to radiate inward makes a difference.  It might be worth paying attention the dimensions and lean towards thicker packs with the same weight.  Here is a link if it will work.

Does anybody else find Scott Moore's first Friday post incredibly disturbing???

My little inside voice is screaming "A guy has to be a real special kind of stupid to take styrofoam coolers used to transport biologically hazardous products to an from a medical facility - coolers that were destined for the dump FOR A REASON - package their customer's food into it and ship it to them."

Are you kidding me?

Wouldn't YOU just love to get your order of chocolates shipped in a container like this?????


i especially like the containers that shipped hearts for transplants.  fits right in with our valentines gift theme.

maybe you'd like to have a heart, i'll bump you up on the priority list.

these are little coolers that were used to ship packaged meds you jack wagon.

i was kidding about the stickers.

go have a donut already.

Call me all the names in the world you want.  I'm not the jack wagon using medical industry trash to package my customer orders, and if I did I certainly wouldn't publicly advertise that I did regardless of whether it had stickers or not! 


 I LOVE donuts, but please don't send me any.

Another Idea for an insulated bag are these little lunch coolers...

As a bonus you can put your logo on them for further marketing. Simple pack the cooler in peanuts and put your ice packs inside the cooler with your chocolate!!

Just another way to combine marketing with the expensive shipping cost...



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