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Supplier of organic cocoa beans, nibs and powder in small quantities-advice/recommendation needed.


I'm Samson from Tbilisi/Georgia. I'm new here, need a help of experienced people. :)

Planning to start a small shop selling organic raw cocoa beans, nibs, cocoa powder. But the problem is that Georgia (Republic of) it's a South Caucasus region)) is very far from cocoa origin countries, so we have a problem with source and transportation.

Can anybody recommend who can supply me with cocoa raw organic beans, nibs and cocoa powder in small quantities (100-150 kg. approximately)?  May be  directly from farm, if it is possible?.. But no middlemen, please!

Please advice me if you know where I can start searching or may be you are the person  I'm looking for.

Thanks a lot for help to All!

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Hi Samson

I work with a cooperative in Ecuador, they can supply you with the beans, I can supply you with nibs, cocoa powder, cocoa liquor and cocoa butter. The beans are raw, but I roast the beans to make all the other products

Joseph Meza
Mindo Chocolate

Thank you Joseph. Details are in e-mail.

Samson, if you are interested in fine beans from Costa Rica, I can connect you with a group of growers. They had good rain this year and it's looking like an amazing crop.

Thanks Piper. 

It could be interesting, may be.. depends production's quality/prices.
Another question - my country's custom authority demands "International phytosanitary certificate", it's absolutely strict demand for cocoa import. Are those people able to provide such a certificate and would they arrange all necessary shipping procedures?

I guess we won't know until we try, I can look into it, and get back to you.

Ok, message me, please.


Hi Samson, I think you have been directed to the best suppliers out there. I also want to use this opportunity to alert you of our company. Cocoa Beans Ltd was created in 2009 and we have been the leading supplier of Cocoa in our local community and battling to the best exporters in Cameroon. Contact me at for more information regarding our products and affordable prices.

 Hello Samson, i am also new in this platform, planning to start small scale chocolate making business in my country due to abundance of cocoa beans and the forth world largest producer and I guest, you needed a sources of supply that is cheap and will enhance your profitability, if you needs cocoa beans from Nigeria, you can message me. thanks


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