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How do you guys feel about the Taza 80% bar?


I bought a bar over the weekend and have made a pretty nice dent into it.   But I don't know yet how I feel about it.   I love all the flavors that this bar has, but not sure about the texture.  Over all, I want to say I love it....   but not sure that I can.     


Anyone else have thoughts on this bar?

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All depends on what you want to do and the audience. As a truffle the sugar grit blends but the texture stays a bit staccato like. We use it for an orange rind coating since its bold and balances with citrus. We use their guajillo as a base for our chili infusion and fans like it. It's your taste in the end. 

I guess I could see it used as a base or used in a truffle, or other concoction.    I did finish the bar and I have to admit I enjoyed it.   It wasn't my favorite chocolate bar, but it was worth a try.


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