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I am running a workshop for the families of beer factory nearby (!). The activity is mostly children oriented. One of the activites will be a table where kids can draw. I want coloring pages with chocolate related pictures. I found very little-a cacao pod, the mayan wall mural of a tree, a leaf. Does anyone here know of a source I can find? I attached what I found.

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I completely agree. This workshop is a two hour one. There will 150 children moving from station to station. Total 7 stations-3 are on hands and 4 are activites connected to chocolate. So I don't think this is the right opportunity to teach moderation! BTW, this moderation is true for many areas in life, and many adults were not taught moderation...
Have you had too much fudge cake that you choose this example? Just joking, of course!!
Thanks for a reply. Still searching for coloring pages.


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