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Hi I'm new here,hope to get more knowledge about chocolates. Have a question, I have a bulk order to complete,was wondering if can I temper the chocolate in advance & store it? Say a week that possible, pls help? Tks.

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Hi there, thanks:)
What are you planning to do with the chocolate? Is this solid bars? Confections?
Gonna make heart shaped chocolates. Whats your advice?
If you're making solid chocolates (shape is no matter) then you can melt, temper, and mold the pieces months in advance as long as you store the chocolate properly.

Having said that, chocolate never stops crystallizing so eventually the chocolate will get crunchy and sandy. Fresher is always better, but with solid chocolate the window is weeks and months, not days.
I understood the question differently. Are you going to temper the chocolate, create your bar/bonbon/molded chocolate and save it to deliver it later?
Or are you going to temper it, do not use it at the moment, then melt it again and create your bar/bonbon/molded chocolate?

If the latter is what you want to do, then I think the answer is that you cannot do that. Every time you temper chocolate and the chocolate hardens, if you want to melt it again you need to go through the tempering process.
Yupp, I wanna temper it now & only use it after few days.
I am still confused.

If you are not going to be using the chocolate for several days, there is not any value in tempering it in advance and using it after a few days. Temper it when you need to use it.
It has been my experience that you can melt down tempered chocolate and keep the temper with most chocolate. The trick is to only bring the chocolate to the melt point, and different chocolate brands have different melt points. You should test the chocolate you are using; temper it, mold it, let it set and re-melt and see what happens, then you'll know for sure ahead of time instead of finding out the day you need to get it all done.
Are you using a machine or doing this by hand?
Good luck!
You may be able to, but why? Why waste the energy?
Thanks for all the wonderful replies.
Sorry Clay, to confuse you :(
Hi Andrea, I am doing it by hand. I need to make about 1000 pieces or maybe more of Rose Shaped Chocolates for Father's Day Charity Event. So I thought, if I can temper in advance and mould it as and when I recieved the orders.

Can you start making small batches now? Once chocolate is made it should last for quite a while! You will probably not be able to temper now and use it later. But you can temper it now, make some of your Rose Shaped Chocolates with it and then you simply repeat the process again tomorrow...or the day after. This way you will be able to work slowly, but steadily.

Just keep in mind that you will need to re-temper every time you want to start over - I don't know how not to re-temper once the chocolate hardens.


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