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This is definately going to brand me as a "newbie"...

Is there any particular reason why I can't pan tempered chocolate over untempered?

I ask as I am still struggling with freeze dried strawberries. I have been dipping them in tempered chocolate and setting them aside for later panning. The panning process tempers chocolate (I am told...), hence "Tempered Chocolate over Untempered".

Dipping in tempered chocolate is a hassle.

  1. I have to temper it in a Bain Marie - time and effort
  2. I have to hold it in temper for the duration - several hours of working
  3. When the finished product cools I have a flat spot & hard, shiny chocolate. So when I eventually get to panning it I get doubles from the flat spot and the hard, shiny chocolate has to be rounded off (from the flat spot and pooled chocolate).

If I could simply dip and cool and then pan I'd save lots of time and effort and the chocolate would be softer for the pan.

However I am told that I can't pan over untempered chocolate - I think because it will bloom.
 I am questioning this but does anyone have any thoughts before I waste more time and maybe product trying it out?



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