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Hi to everybody !  i have decided that if i want to survive with my little shop i have to expand a litle and for that i need a tempereuse but i am confused about what machine to buy. I tend to buy the pavoni minin temperer because it seems easy to work with but i have already bought 2 melting machines that were supposed to be temperer therefore i want to have some tips. I don't need a temperer of more than 3 to 5 kilos but i need to have tempererd chocolate for as long as i need during the day. On the other hand i don't want a temperer working with the seeding method, so what would you recommend ? is there anything else than the pavoni for what i need ? i hope i will receive some insight because i am going to buy the machine and i don't know which one to buy


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IMHO you should be tempering by hand. 

Now, in my shop, I have two  20 kg (45 lb) and one 7 kg (15 lb) melters.  I am the chief tempererer, as well as chief bottle washer.

Tempering is essential, and it should be mastered.  It can't be mastered if you rely on a machine every day.

BTW, my couverture holds it's temper for 3 or 4 days in the melter

Edward it sounds like they do it by hand now, they're looking to gain some efficiency and you can't grow effectively by continuing to do a hand temper. While you can enjoy the extra labor of tempering by hand, if you are small shop owner you've got plenty to do and a lot of it is not needed to be working your temperatures.

As well, how on earth do you hold temper for 3 to 4 days?  Over crystallization occurs naturally, you have to break it at some point. Do you not sleep either? hehe!

Anyhow, we've really had the pleasure of working with many of Chocovision's equipment. The smaller grade is a bit louder but what kitchen isn't. The Delta is a great machine as well and we've enjoyed its company for over a year now.

hi thank you for yhour answers. it is a little difficult to get a revolation for me since i live in israel and it is a little complicated since there is no chcocovision representative and to ship it overseas makes it more expensensive than to buy a pavoni mini temper. Do you know the pavoni mini temper ? is it something more or less equal to the revolation ? according to what i have seen the Pavoni's representative shop and what i see on site for the revolation it seems very similar the big revolation can temper more than the pavoni but the pavoni (3kg) is more what i need. I think thqt it was Brad that told me he has some problem with the Pavoni but i am very far from the time his machines works (8 hours a day).


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