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Tempering Chocolate - Soft chocolate due to too fast tempering?


hope you guys can help me, struggling very hard with getting a chocolate that snaps and does not melt in my hands - read tons of blogs, watched youtube videos, fairly understand the chemistry behind and still dont get satisfying results.

I use Belcolade milk couverture and a bain-marie setup to melt 80% of my chocolate with constant stirring. As I usually just do 1/2 slabs or a bit bark chocolate its usually around 200g. Once liquid I add the rest, continue stirring and use a thermometer to check the temperature. It usually goes down to 34/36c so that the added chocolate is completely melted. After that I wait and stir rather than adding more chocolate. Once its at 30c I pour it directly in my mold and add other ingredients. After that I put it in the fridge for 10 minutes so I can get it out the mold to check if it worked this time.

As I only have the bain-marie setup, its nearly impossible for me to keep the temperature stable at 30. Would that be required to not just have some beta crystals but the majority formed in the "right structure"? If so, what is your tip? Should I rather use the micro-wave? Am I cooling to long/cold?

Thanks a lot, feeling a bit depressed after 4 times of trying.




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Hi Lars,

I've read your post with interest because I'm suddenly experiencing the same problem--seemingly good temper but the resulting chocolate is light colored and soft. Did you solve the problem? I'm suspecting humidity and temperature, both of which increased for me slightly two days ago. I'm now at 23 C, quite close to your 25 in SA...

Thanks, Lee


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