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I thought I would take a page from Lana's book and get a group together to buy Tempering/Enrobing machines at a discount.


I would be looking at the same machines. So I'll just copy it from her post.


Perfect Air 2 and Enro 2(tempering and enrobing):

$11,225 for the enrobing line & the tempering machine ($3275  for just the tempering machine on it's own)
Vibrating table 860$
Warming cabinet for 40kg chocolate 2,750$
Bottom coating only 350$
Transport to Northern CA $415
Customs $175
35% deposit when ordered, the rest before shipping.


Bakon Choco TT with Mini Enrober:

Choco TT is $3,900. FOB Torrance CA.

Optional cart. $340.- no charge if purchased w/ enrober

Mini Enrober $8,000


So what does everyone think?

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