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Hello everyone!


My little chocolate shop has been open for about 4 months now, and all of a sudden, I'm having tempering issues. (Of course it has to happen with 5 custom orders due in the next few days! Ugh!)


So, a little background. I'm using 2 Chocovision Revolation 3210s, and Noel chocolate (55% and 72%). The machine with the 72% has the new 'holey baffle' in it.


At the time of the difficulties, the kitchen was 64 degrees Fahrenheit, and humidity was 51%.


The 55% came into temper first, and the first test was horrible. All white and dusty, as if it wasn't in temper at all. Second test was the same, and the third. So...I hit the reset button on that one and moved on to the 72%. Exactly the same thing happened.


I'm assuming since the same situation happened to both machines, it was a environmental thing, rather than a machine malfunction.


Is 51% humidity too much? Is my room too cold? I don't know what I'm doing wrong, and this hasn't happened to me since I opened...


Thank you in advance for your help!

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relative humidity and temp seem to be fine..

Same thing happened just now to me with the 55%. Again, 64 degree fahrenheit, but this time 47% humidity. I dumped that batch of chocolate (which was the same chocolate just melted down again) out onto to a tray and started with a brand new box of Noel. I shall wait and see what happens with this new batch....

I'm not familiar with either the chocolate, or the machine you are using, however what I would say is if the chocolate this time does not temper, then maybe temper a batch (1kg) by hand using  the seeding method and see if you can temper it that way... if it tempers, then you know it is a problem with the machine.



Hi jasmine, how did you get on? Did you take the working temperature of the chocolate when the machine said it was "in temper"?

After completely starting over after washing out the machine and melting new chocolate, the temper today was perfect. Still not completely sure what happened, but it's solved for now.


Is it possible for bulk chocolate (like you buy from the supplier) to absorb moisture and that is what affects the temper?

Hi Jasmine,


Did you check your fridge? maybe the humidity is high in there, or the temperature is too low.

Another thing to look for is the temperature of your chocolate moulds, they might be too cold when you pour into them.Another possible temperature shock scenario.

Good luck,


I would also like to suggest that you check the accuracy of the thermocouple on your machine.  Put a thermometer beside it as it goes through its cycles.  With the exception of humidity (or the lack thereof) making the chocolate thicker or thinner, cocoa butter more or less follows the same non negotiable rules every time.  Equipment does fail, so if you're having trouble one day and not the next, I would look at the tempering machine.





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