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I am having problems again and I do not know if it is me or not. Is it at all possible to temper chocolate with room temperatures between 28C and 30C? This is what I have, I do not have aircon and I am not succeeding in tempering any chocolate at all. I am desperate as I have nothing to sell on Saturday.

What else I need to know is whether the heat can also give me trouble with making my ganache. I am having problems with it refusing to work. I end up with a blob of chocolate floating in fat! I am new to lots of work with chocolate but I have been making ganache for years and this is the first time I have this happening all the time.

I hope you have some advice for me. Is it impossible in this heat or is it me that can suddenly not do anything right at all!

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Hello Magrietha,


Your room temperature is too high. I have never tempered chocolate at this room temperature. It shouldn't be higher than 22C.

Have you tempered chocolate without problem before with such high room temperature?

Maybe the chocolate is in temper, but your confections are not cooling down fast enough because of the room temperature.

For your ganache problem, did you try using a different batch or bag of chocolate or cream? Maybe you had a bad batch.





Thanks Omar, yes I think it is in temper but not cooling down fast enough because I notice that the little leftover chocolate actually sets just fine and has no chocolate bloom at all. Must be the heat. Money or not, I will have to get an aircon as I have never had to temper at such high temperatures and it simply does not work. I think I just needed some confirmation that it is not me.

The ganache problem must be related as I have tried again, leaving out the butter and it came out fine. I think I cannot get the chocolate cold enough before I add the butter. So I am going with a very basic ganache for now.

Magrieta, if your room is small enough try to get some portable a/c unit (doesnt have to be a huge one) but it will help to cool down the temperature a little bit and as for the ganache make sure it's well emulsified to prevent a broken batch.

I had the same problems with my room temperature and feel your pain but I managed to fix it as explained.

always try to run a couple of tempering test before molding, enrobing etc to make sure chocolate sets timely and everything is perfect before your big production.

hope this helps


Thanks Ricardo, I think this is the best idea to get a portable one, it will not be as expensive. For interest's sake, it is so hot here that chocolate we poured out of the chocolate fountain in the market 24 hours ago is still not set. OK, I know because it is not tempered it takes longer, but certainly not 24 hours!

A portable a/c fpr a chocolatier is like a great card hidden while playing never know when you need it but it is certainly better to have it :) where are you located that is that hot?

Not always but we are having a heat wave 36C yesterday.


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