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I'am a new factory located in lebanon , we still use the traditional/classical way for tempering chocolate ,but meantime iam considering upgrading ,so iam looking to buy a tempering machine (used or brand new ) any advices or options ?! iam aiming to produce around 200kg per day 

Your help is mostly appreciated

Mahmoud batakji

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Hi MAhmoud, 

for 200kg a day, you could easily start with an FBM continuos tempering machine of 12 kg, but for personal experience i suggest to buy a slightly over-sized machine, just in case you grow fast!.

Of course  you should also consider your production, meaning: if you produce only 1 "color" then buy a 25kg machine, but if you temper 2 or more color you should then maybe buy 2 smaller solution (i think is called compatta or something).

Depend on your budget you may opt for a big (25 kg Unica, like the one i have) and 1 small (12kg)

Also, buy it with the dedicated enrobing belt, you can always develop some products to coat!

If you let us (the forum) have more info on what you produce we might come up with more solutions. 

BTW, i don't work for FBM, i'm just a big fan thanks to the great experience with it....

First of all thank you for your reply , I really likes the chocollab from FML since it come with the enrobing and vibrator etc so I think a 12 kg for now is perfect solution incase I grew I can get another 12 or 25 kg , we mainly concentrate on one color  so your advice is perfectly suitable , do u think I can find used ?! Or u advice me to go to a new one .. Did u face any problem with the fmb that's worth mentioning ?! And in comparison to the selmi plus do u think I should go with the FMB option ?b


the beauty of this forum is exactly this: helping each other in many ways!

The chocolab is their latest creation, Fbm i think made it for multifunctional small/medium businesses and you could have all in one spot. i don't believe you could find it used  as it just came in to the market.

I have a Unica 25kg with pneumatic depositor and i'm in the process to get another one with enrober (12 or 25kg depending on budget) 

The best part of FBM machine is that they are easy to maintain an repair: we had once an issue with cooling (too fast) and i did use just a screw driver and the help on the phone by their technician (i live in South Africa), my local engineer loves the machine because if something brakes is easy to find spare parts even here in SA. I guess only the computer board must come from FBM directly for obvious reason..

If i would be in Italy/france/Spain area   i would maybe buy second hand, but if you can afford it, buy it new.

Comparison with Selmi: i did work with some of the Selmi machines and they are also good, maybe sexier looking but they cost much much more, if they break is gonna hurt you... and i had a very bad experience with customer service, i still haven't received a quote after 2 years of asking..

Best of luck!

Well thank you a lot !! I just want to make some few more revision about the FBM either the 25 kg or the 12 chocollab and I think iam going for it !! I just want to see if they have a dealer here in Lebanon and few shipping details !! Thank you again 


i have been very happy with them, hope you will too! My employees are begging me to get another one! As business owner and chocolate maker, i have less stress knowing that anytime during the day for any reason i always have perfectly tempered chocolate, it makes every one happy to produce and efficiency was better than what i could ever expect!




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