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Hello The Chocolate life members

Let me introduce myself, my name is javier and i am from Peru

I have been making chocolate from bean to bar the last six months.. we have always been tempering the chocolate manually ... eventough we now have enough knowledge to not mess up the chocolate it is still a hard task so we are thinking on investing into a Chocolate temperer..

We have been using quite sucesfully the Cocoatown melangers machines.. since we have the Cocoa in liquid I would like to know if any of you can reccommend me a good machine to temper the chocolate\

Im thinking  about buying from Chocovision Revolation Delta or Hilliards Little Deeper.. which one do u guys think will temper the chocolate better (knowing the fact that I have the chocolate in liquid straight out of the Cocoatown melanger)

I will really appreciate your comments

FYI I hope you can come to visit Pucallpa in Peru one day! beatiful Criollo beans

I hope you can help me and sorry for my grammatical mistakes but my first language is Spanish


Javier - Chaqchao PERU

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Javier -

I was not far from you last week -- in and around Piura and Lima.

Any "batch" tempering machine, like the Chocovision (including X3210 or Delta) need seed chocolate. This means that in order to temper properly you need already-tempered chocolate. If you are making chocolate bean-to-bar this means that you probably have to table temper the chocolate by hand for at least the first batch.

As you are already tempering by hand, this should not be an issue for you.

As for the difference between the two, it's really a question of how much you need to produce in a day, you match the working bowl capacity to your production. Chocovision offers a baffle that takes the Delta from about 4.25kg to about 8kg, and they also make a larger machine - at about 15kg and I hear there are even larger machines being worked on. With a Rev Delta and the holey baffle you should be able to temper 25kg per day or so.

Hilliards say The Little Dipper can do a max of about 12kg per day.

The difference in capacity could make it easy to choose one over the other.


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