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Hi all,

On the Ecole Chocolat grad forum, there are a few of us interested in a tempering machine purchase - particularily the Perfect Wheel machine (and enrobing belt for some of us).  As there are a few of us interested, I thought I would see if anyone is interested in a group buy? I did inquire with Perfect last year about this but they didn't seem too responsive. I wouldn't approach them again without solid numbers of those wanting to purchase. It might be interesting to approach Bakon as well - if only for comparison and leverage!  With the Dedy guitar group purchase, everybody paid for their own directly to the co. once the discount was applied and it was shipped directly to them.  It would be the same in this case.

I don't have any time to work on this other than approach them for a discount. So please don't ask me questions about the machines or the options available...  for more info see the websites, contact the co. etc.

Here are recent quotes for the machines (with a shipping quote to CA).  If you're interested in a purchase, please post. If you're not sure, I won't include you in the numbers we present.

Perfect Air 2 and Enro 2(tempering and enrobing):

$11,225 for the enrobing line & the tempering machine ($3275  for just the tempering machine on it's own)
Vibrating table 860$
Warming cabinet for 40kg chocolate 2,750$
Bottom coating only 350$
Transport to Northern CA $415
Customs $175
35% deposit when ordered, the rest before shipping.


Bakon Choco TT with Mini Enrober:

Choco TT is $3,900. FOB Torrance CA.

Optional cart. $340.- no charge if purchased w/ enrober

Mini Enrober $8,000

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There are 4 of us onboard for the group buy.  Perfect has offered us a 10% discount - quite generous I think - that's an $1100 discount on the Enro 2 (tempering machine and enrobing belt).  We will be proceeding fairly soon.  If there is anyone else interested in getting in on the deal, please let me know asap.















Right now they are offering free shipping til the end of the month, do you get that with your discount or is either/or?

Hi Andy,

Thanks for the heads up.  They mentioned that shipping is extra.  We will have to get shipping quotes for the various chocolatiers involved.  Looks like there might be a little more wiggle room for negotiations :)


I found this posting on the internet . It seems as though someone is selling a used enrober. I personally bought my machine used and you never quite know what you are going to get. It took me a while to realize certain parts were missing. With that said, I figured it out and now I am in good shape. In summary, buy the machine new if you can. If you cannot, this might be a opportunity for a deal.


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