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Good day to Everyone

I have been thinking about expanding my hobby chocolate making into a small business. I have been tempering by hand and melting on a double boiler for 1.5-2 lbs batch at a time, but I think it might be time to upgrade. I only have about $500-$1000 to spend at this time. I make bars and truffles. If you can let me know which you would pick and why it would be better it would be a great help.



Lawrence  :)

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does no one have an opinion??????  Help please

Lawrence -

You did not indicate that your purchase decision was imminent so I don't think anyone thought you needed to know right now.

You can get a decent capacity melter - 10-12kg - for well under $1000. As you are confident with your manual tempering skills this is the least expenisve way to expand capacity in the price range you mention.

The other option is a small-capacity Chocovision (the Rev 2 specifically) is about your only choice. Get the holey baffle to increase your capacity, but it will still be lower than the melter. The one advantage a Chocovision does have is that it will do a better job of keeping the chocolate in temper over the course of several hours of working time. With the melter you will have to watch it more closely and be responsible for keeping it in temper.

It's a toss-up. If you are really, really comfortable with your manual tempering skills then you will probably be able to do a better job of tempering by hand than the Chocovision can. The difference is manual versus semi-automatic.

:: Clay

Personally I would recommend the ACMC machine before the Rev 2.  It will temper more chocolate, and is far less noisy.

I am a believer in getting a Mol D'art Melter to start. I purchased a 6kg melter and 5 years later I use it all the time. I have made many thousands of chocolates out of that thing. The other tempering machines are nice, but you will be able to produce more chocolates out of the melter.

I second the Mold'art.  I have 3.  I like the capacity and ease of dumping back into them when making molds.

Good Day Everyone

I am sorry if I come off the wrong way. I decision was imminent. I want to thank everyone for their input on this. I was able to get a Rev 2 for a very good price.:)  I would still like to get a melter with the let over money which is around $600. I see that the Mol D'art Melter is very popular. I was also thinking about this melter. Does anyone know where the cheapest place to get one of these melters? Does anyone recommend any other melter?

Thanks again for the help! 

Another source for good chocolate melters

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