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Hello everyone.

I need assistance.

I am opening a chocolate company mostly selling truffles and maybe bars later (when I can do bean to bar (: which I am excited for!). I have a rev2 tempering machine, which is a great machine, but when I fill the molds, I cant just tip the mold over and dump the excess chocolate out into the machine (to make shells for filling) because the machine is so small. Its also a pain to fill the molds with a spoon and OMG does my current process make the biggest mess you could imagine. A 2 year old's chocolate dream actually.

So, I have decided that I need a bigger machine (bigger than my molds), with a dispenser OR a wheel. I like the wheel design that just makes a little fountain for you to fill the mold, then I can dump the excess right back into the chocolate supply.

Does anyone have any advice? I am willing to spend the money, but I am still learning and developing this small business. I absolutely love chocolate and and 100% confident that I will be successfull, so I am willing to pay, but I dont want to get suckered by some site with incredible markup prices.

I dont necessarily need a 40lb capacity, but should I spring for one anyways? What do you guys/girls think? I need expert advice.

Also, I do not have a shop. I am learning all this in my apartment. (1200 sq ft.) but dont mind a big machine. I use Cacao Barry (wish I could afford the Valrhona). I live in Colorado. Not sure what else to say. I wana make sure you have all the details needed.


Thank you!!!!!!!

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dear friend i have small dedy tempering machine wheel with vibrator for sale is completely new i use before for white chocolate something like 5 time but i work now just with dark chocolate so if u interest about let me know thx Jozef
my mail is

What's the price?

Anybody ever try tempering with just the paddle attachment of a stand mixer. We have a Kitchenaid. Wondering why a low speed turn wouldn't temper.

I'm so new to this that I haven't even done it yet, but I live in a country where cocoa beans are readily available and already dried for $2/lb, retail.

I'll just put it out there that I'm in the market for a machine comparable to the original poster and in a price range under $10K.  The wheel and depositor are important to me but not deal killers.


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