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Hi All,


I'd appreciate it, if you could share any info on tempering raw chocolate. Is it possible?


Thanks a lot.



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Hi Alan,

I first made chocolate putting in and mixing the ingredients in the order that I described above. I then followed the steps outlined by Brad Churchill here: . The only thing that I did differently is I initially heated the chocolate mixture (it was liquid already) to 115 F rather than 120.

I didn't notice that you used Agave syrup. Can you give us the whole formulation? As has been mentioned, this complicates things, so before trying to trouble-shoot tempering, I'd like to see how much moisture you likely have in the mix.

To every 100g cacao butter I add 35g cacao powder and 45g agave (+ fresh vanilla and salt).

you can hire a tempering machine form these guys.... worth looking at before you buy and a lot easier then doing it by hand without the seeding method

To make a solid bar, you're not going to be able to do any worthwhile tempering if there is moisture in it. Raw beans, even sun dried, still have enough water to give problems. You want to be below 1%, maybe 1.25% moisture. The roasting process is what gets the rest of the water out.


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