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My local forum is discussing this and so I got curious. Some colleagues say that they take well tempered cb and grind in it a machine of sorts-magimix/thermomix etc and use it as mycryo. Apparently it works well. Do you do this? Have you ever thought of tempering with cb (even just regular)? It seems that without the  rest of the cacao solids, less would be needed. I did find info on Eddy Van Damm's blog. But to get the choco to around 35C takes time... And then no time is saved...

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I've used lots of tempered cb as seed. The way I've done it is to temper the cb and pour in ice cube molds, then grate it with a Microplane. As soon as the chocolate reaches 35C I add the seed butter slowly. Most of the time I've used this method with my Hilliard's temperers, although this will work just fine doing it manually.
When I did a course with Wybauw in Chicago he told us he didn't like using Mycryo when tempering. I looked in my notes to see what his reasoning was - but I can't find it! ... and I don't remember. I remember him saying that now that he no longer works for Callebaut he is able to say that he doesn't like it for tempering. He does like it for other applications - but not tempering. If ever I find the 'why' behind that - I will let you know!
wow. Thanks Cheebs. Does it take a long time to cool the choc to 35C -I have a X3210. Lana, I did not know that Wybauw no longer is with Callebaut! Interesting "fact"!! I wonder what his reasons are. Using regular seed cools the choc down quickly, but getting it 35 without seed seems timely...
He is no longer employed by Callebaut. He retired. However, he is now an independent consultant so is basically doing the same thing he did before...


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