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Can anybody suggest me best method for tempering of chocolate 

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I find the marble method better, you can feel the chocolate. Seeding is another great option. And if you are using small amounts of chocolate, you could use the direct method from the microwave :), just be sure to have a "mother" in case you heat the chocolate too much

Thnx for sharing this usefull information with me but i want to do tempering on tempering machine if you have any information regrdng tempering machine plz reply.

It depends on do u already have one machine or do you wish to buy one, each tempering machine works on different systems even though the basic principle is same. Need more clarification about what type of machine you prefer, how much quantity you wish to process, and wat do you going to do with the tempered chocolate like, moulding, filling, enrobing........ And what type of chocolate u work with....????

Ask 10 people and you'll get 12 techniques, and they can all work.  Give all of 'em a try with the goal to find which one, or your own version of one, that works best for your situation, your equipment.  And enjoy exploring.

Everything depends on how you want to arrange your work with chocolate (some time everyday or a couple of day per week and so on). Do you need tempered chocolate always at your disposal?

Do you want also some operative helps from the machine? Or does it have to be a well tempered chocolate source?

Do you have only chocolate products or other kind of product that you could vary throught chocolate use?

Your plans and habits and perspectives normally decide which is the most suitable machine (and kind of work)

Just joined.  What kind of quantities? 

thanks to all of you i standardize the tempering process for my chocolate. thanks again for yours valuable reply.


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