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Hi all i know that this seems very basic but i would like to know what peoples views are about temperature, i have read a lot and i keep getting different temps.   


1 when first starting in the tempering cycle is it safe to go about 45oC ?


2 what is the best room temp for making chocolate in ?


3 what is the best storage temp for a finished solid chocolate or filled chocolate  ? 


look forward to hearing from you

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Hi there,

i don't know if my way of work is 100% to the books, my working temperatures are more or less those:

-room temperature between 20/22C (constant), Humidity not superior of 60%.

-depending on the chocolate  quality (dark) i bring the temperature between 45 and 48C (50C is already dangerous zone),

milk choc. or white choc should not go over 43/45C (burning of the milk solids)

-i store my chocolate in a room at about 16/18C and a air humidity of 55/60%


I hope is a little help.

ok cool thanks  for the reply i appreciate it


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