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The JustLuxe web site recently posted a list of ten chocolate factories to explore around the world.

Problem is - the list is a mix of actual places where chocolate gets made, confectionery factories, plus a museum and at least one retail store where no chocolate of any kind (neither chocolate nor confectionery). Surprisingly, the US takes three of the top ten spots - Mast Bros, Theo, and Tcho. 

The slide show is here. Please post your thoughts/reactions to the selection.

The JustLuxe list begs the question ... what chocolate factories (actual places where chocolate is made, not candy/confectionery factories and places where chocolate is only sold or venerated) would make it to your top ten list? Especially if you got the insider guided tour. And let us know which ones you've already checked off on your your bucket list - if any.

Also - what's your favorite chocolate factory tour story?

Mine just might be taking brilliantly fresh macarons off a speed rack and passing them through the chocolate (called Melissa) used to make Pralus' Barre Infernale Lait and eating them messily ... at 6:30 in the morning. Chased with a double espresso we are talking the true breakfast of champions.


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