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In answer to the recent agave controversy stirred up by Dr. Mercola and Mike Adams, both of whom are well known health promoters with large followings, my good friend David Wolfe, well known author and nutritionist, wrote an article explaining his current position on the Agave debate.  You can read the article as originally published here:


Currently, I estimate that 95% of the commercially available Raw Chocolate Bars and Desserts on the market use agave syrup as a sweetener.


Historically, agave has been used as a sweetener with cacao for many years according to chocolate historian, Mark J Sciscenti.  ( )

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Nice read. Are you sourcing your Sacred Truffles from Cru Cacao? I noticed the same formulas and names.

We are manufacturing our truffles at the Sacred Chocolate Factory in San Rafael, CA
The reason I posted this information on Agave is because traditionally, Agave has been used as the sweetener of choice in the raw chocolate industry under the idea that agave was healthy for you. New information has recently come to light that this might not really be the case.
It's funny, I knew intuitively when I first started experimenting with raw chocolate that agave nectar had a strong blood sugar reaction with me. My personal preference not to sweeten with agave was only recently confirmed with the latest buzz about the agave blues.


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