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Greetings was so good to get home with all this great info from the show. I always come home so motivated & excited from these wonderful shows. The classes offered were very informative & the demonstrations were very good. There were some new companies at this show and of course a lot of the regulars.

I got permission from the Assoc. to shoot some photos for a trip report I am doing for the Road Food website. As soon as I get unpacked I'll get my notes together and tell you a little bit more about the show.

There were quite a few people there that are getting started in the candy business, it was nice to see that they were not scared off by the still existing economical problems. I spent time with 2 gals just getting into it and for 2 days at the show they took numerous notes on everything from insurance to distributors to dealing with new accounts. Overall it was a great show!

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