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Hi Everyone,

Can someone tell me where I can find information on the business of chocolate? 

I'm looking to learn:

1. How to choose a regional market (I want to market chocolate online but also in a city/region 
with enough population to sustain a local artisanal chocolate business).

2. How much chocolate one needs to produce and sell for every 25K net income desired (I'm
sure there are variables such as overhead, etc. - looking for a rough estimate).

I read that someone suggested for learning about the business of chocolate
and I'm hoping to take one of their classes soon. Just wondering if you guys had ideas you
could share or could direct me to books on the topic.

Thanks so much,

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Thanks for adding your thoughts. I live in Belgium and having the flexibility of working on the course without having to worry about time differences, etc. is a real plus. I'm also looking at taking a chocolate course or two here offered by Callebaut. I just figured I should know as much as possible before I start at Callebaut. There courses are just a few days and I'd love to know enough already to ask intelligent questions.


Great idea about the E-Myth book - I've been meaning to read that book anyway.


Bon courage with your business too!




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