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the dilemma of using color tinted cacao butter/white chocolate

talking about purity of cacao varieties and such - I am quite confused over the array of transfer sheets/ air brushing etc using artificial colors in the practice of many chocolatiers.
and many chocolatiers say "all natural flavors" - maybe disguising the fact that laboratory made colors are added to their chocolate.  
Do I dare say: "the emperor's has no clothes" I'm a Dane afterall"
does anyone else see a dilemma?  mimi

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In a world where Ed Hardy isn't the same as ed hardy and where imitation candy coating doubles for real chocolate at half the price, the dilemma is only par for the course with the rest of the business world. I use colored cocoa butter and transfer sheets, but aside from staking a claim to using real, genuine chocolate, I stay away from the "all natural" claim. However, I think "all natural flavors" and using transfer sheets is apples and oranges. Transfer sheets aren't a "flavoring". Now, if a chocolate was stated as being "all natural", then I would expect the chocolate to contain only natural ingredients in its entirety, including its decorations.
There are natural colored cocoa butters available.
I'd love to find these natural colors if there is something fairly bright out there. I've tried a few and the look is the light pink, light green etc. I have thought of experiencing with beet powder but I don't think that the flavor would go..
thanks for responding despite my provokotive statement.
I am not too fond of transfer sheets and colors and am usually in the minority when it comes to this. That being said I do a tiny bit of decoration with natural cocoa butter colors that I have from chef rubber. I believe that in the Uk homemade chocolate (I think it is called that or something similar) also has it. In my pictures there is a bar and a square bon bon using this effect. Using the natural colors of chocolate and texture can also be nice. The technique of spraying and swiping colors is cool and interesting and caused me to play around with it a bit. I have used transfer sheets a few times (as per request here and there) but everyone has the same ones and the color just doesn't seem attractive to me.


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