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The Holidays Are Upon Us - What Are YOU Making Special This Year?

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, Christmas - the holidays are fast approaching. What special items are you making for the 2009 Holiday season? New molds, flavors, packaging concepts?

Please feel free to post photos (no more than 640 pixels wide and no more than 100k file size) using the camera icon in the formatting toolbar (this is the preferred method) or you can attach them to your reply.

:: Clay

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I was hoping Jeff and his crew would post some gory stuff...this is your time to shine! with the gore!
I made bloody finger pops with purple , black and green fingernails. Also dipped dried bananas and we call them skeleton fingers, packaged in a little cauldron or pumpkin. Sorry no pics yet.
Get your camera out - sounds great fun
A bar of creme brulee (molecularly gastronomized to be workable), sprayed with a little caramelized white chocolate, topped with sugar toffee, and then dipped in dark chocolate.

French macarons made from popcorn instead of almonds with a saffron-brown butter white chocolate ganache and salted caramel inside.

In a play off of an El Bulli dish, apple ice wine pate de fruits, each served on a "spoon" made of isomalt with one of six different embedded herbs.

I've been doing a lot of play with cups lately... they are fun and resolve a lot of traditional issues with sealing... caramelized white chocolate cups, filled with apple (richart style) coulis, a spray of cinnamon-dark chocolate, a layer of calvados caviar sealed with a layer of transparent white chocolate film.

Finally, I've been doing terrines... caramel infused pear with cognac terrine with points of caramelized white chocolate and cocoa nib brownies.

Here are my eyeballs.
Now I really do hope that these are white chocolate shells that are filled with a gooey runny caramel center (colored red) so that when you bite into them ... well, you get the idea.
Actually, it is gooey caramel colored an icky gray so that it looks like eyeball goo:-)
Wow, Robert...never mind dessert, whats for dinner at your place?
Since about 98% of my money, after paying for basic living, goes to R&D... I'm left with a food budget of about... $15-20 a week. :) Needless to say that dinner isn't often exciting.
OK the gore is coming out now...bring it on.

Oh its happening....damn things are flying off the shelves again... I will be doing a demo of these on halloween at the chocolate show in NY.....


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