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You can have only one bar of chocolate. The circumstances don't matter (zombie apocalypse, climate change devastates cacao around the world, you're stranded on a desert island, etc), you can only choose one.

Which one is it?

After my recent trip to Europe, I'd pick the IL100% Criollo from Domori. Why? It delivers pure chocolate intensity with no punches pulled.


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Used to be Amedei Chuao, now Pralus Chuao

Thanks for sharing, Clay. If that's a 100% cocoa content bar, does it feel slightly clayish at the back of the tongue?

A milk chocolate bar I make with beans from the Ocumare De LaCosta region of Venezuela. (I don't sell this bar).


Mmmmmm.... to die for

Likewise for me, i make a bar lovingly dubbed Daintree Mocha, a dark milk Australian chocolate with just a hint of coffee ground in and packed with crispy mouthwatering nibs......damn going to have to go and eat some now!

If commercial, very difficult, Pralus Chuao or Valrhonas El to go

There are some new ones that I like very much, for example Danta's Chuao and Dandelion's Ambanja. But if I can only have one....I take a 2 kilo bag couverture of Felchlin's Cru Sauvage 68% - 60H conch :-) That's enough for 2 weeks on a desert island. Then I wanna go home to taste other chocolate! Chocolove, Vera

Good call. Cluizel makes a 5kg Villa Gracinada. That would probably last 3 weeks.

A tie: 

  • Fresco 212 Dominican Republic 72%.  A quintessential example of what I like in a chocolate bar!
  • Rogue Piura 2010 75% (no longer available).  A magical bar! 

Both rated 9.8 out of 10.

If I had a time machine my all time favorite was Amedei Chuao 2009 vintage (but their current bars have significantly declined in quality so I wouldn't choose that bar today).

See my reviews at ChocoFiles.

From the ones I have tried in the last year, Michel Cluizel, Los Ancones or that variety pack of El Rey I had after the FCIA conference in June.   They ended up being dinner in the hotel room. 

For me it would have to be Amedei's Cru Venezuela. I visited Amedei in Sept, sampled almost all of them, but the Cru is a classic bar, for fun, I also liked their white chocolate with pistachio.


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