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This may be a big no no but has anyone tried using a Thermoblend to melt/warm chocolate?


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I can't recommend any of the home kitchen units in a professional kitchen because you don't get what you don't pay for. 

There is a unit that is designed for the pro kitchen - the HotMix Pro. Advanced Gourmet is the rep here in the US for these units. I'd contact the manufacturer and see who the Australian rep is.

Thanks Clay, was just wondering. Not in a position to purchase pro kitchen equipment as yet.



Is a Thermoblend the same as a Thermomix? If so, it works beautifully.

not sure Ruth, will investigate. Lots of friends have these new fangled things and I was curious



Hi Deborah,

You probably have a solution that works for you, but here is what I ended up doing. I have an inexpensive system for melting that works well. I bought a 4 qt. round crock pot (slow cooker) and instead of using the ceramic bowl I use a tall stainless steel *bowl that fits into the crock pot (it does not fit all the way in, about half way). I then plug the crock pot into a the sous vide electric temperature control Clay mentioned, which I bought from Amazon for $99US, and I melt 3 to 4 pound batches of chocolate in it. Works great. In order to temper I take the bowl out of the crock pot and put it on the table, and then I use a table fan to cool it. It works quite well.


*the bowl is the mixing bowl that went to an electric mixer.


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