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hi Cacao lovers,
I'm preparing a first whiskey / chocolate pairing and would love to hear your tips/expertise and advice

I have mainly European brands like Bonnat, Cluizel, Pralus, maybe some Akesson as well.
Whisky is ao first Cask, Berry Bro's & Rudd, Alchemist, Blackadder, Clydesdale, Wemyss, Adelphi.

Any tips that save some definite 'bad' pairings and guide to 'great' pairings are more than welcome!

thx for sharing!

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This might help:

Any of the Madagascar chocolates from Akesson, Pralus, or Cluizel would share some characteristics with the Patric Chocolate 67% Madagascar that I used.


We also had a chocolate and whisky tasting earlier this year -- a rather simple one to start with...

we should be having another soon

have fun!!!
thanks Alan & Molly for the links so far!

I've been trying out a first mini pairing today (I happened to have Talisker, another single malt, and some Akesson) and I felt that whisky's are very strong to pair up.
However I also seemed to me that unlike wine, where you better have both in your mouth the same time, with whiky it's better to have a sip and only have the chocolate afterwards...

Any further experiences on the techniques of best tasting this particular pairing?

hi all,
I did the pairing, and it was wonderfull ! Though you really have to look for good combi's though. It's not an easy one.

read more details on my blogpost on this superb experience:

some more pix on flickr

thx again for your input


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