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Does anyone know the best place to buy Titanium Oxide?  I want to get some mostly for pastry work, but I have also heard it works pretty well for making white chocolate actually white.  However, I cannot find it anywhere.  The only place I see it listed is on Amazon, and then it is still hard to tell if it is the food safe kind, since it is listed under cosmetics.  Thanks for your help!

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Chef Rubber - it's simply white chocolate colouring.  Link here -

The cosmetic stuff doesn't seem to be as oil soluble - I tried it!

Michael -

You are right to be skeptical ... he cosmetic stuff may be safe enough to put on skin, but it might not be safe enough to eat. ALWAYS check to make sure that you're using food-safe versions of ingredients. While the titanium oxide may be safe you also have to look at what's in the carrier medium.


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