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To add extra cocoa butter OR NOT? (When tempering real chocolate)

Sooooooo, I went to Whole Foods and got a small block of chocolate (like top item pictured below). I'm going to experiment further in my new chocolate tempering machine. My question is when using the dark chocolate block, or even if it were milk chocolate, would I need to add extra choco butter during the tempering process?

If so, when and how do I do this? The cocoa butter also comes in a block brick form, (not powdered) so when and how would I incorporate this??

(PS. I am using the Revolation 2 from Chocovision)

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No you don't need to add extra cocoa butter to a couverture.

Also, that's not cocoa butter in your photo, it's white chocolate.

Thank you for the response and you made me laugh. I may be a beginner, but I know thats not cocoa butter.

You don't *need* to but you may choose to.  Depends on how fluid the chocolate is to start with and what the application is.  I sometimes thin chocolate with cocoa butter when I am hand dipping to getter a finer coating.  Like most things, it depends :)


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