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Watch the video at this is advertising Cadbury's dark choc range for Australia and New Zealand. Aussies and Kiwi's are generally pretty uneducated in chocolate and this is doing no favours. Instead of trying to work out what is wrong with it, try and pick things that are right with it - nothing!

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EEEWWW!! This looks much less attractive than the real thing!
If this weren't so very wrong it would be funny. You're right, Tom, it's harder to pick out what's right with it than it is to pick out what's wrong with it. Time to mount Facebook and Twitter campaigns to point out how ludicrous it is.

You can copy and paste the following in your Facebook and Twitter accounts:

This Cadbury advert "takes the gold" for being the stupidest commercial about chocolate in the history of chocolate:

That said, let's use this forum thread to dissect the commercial and point out what's historically and technically wrong with it, as an exercise in understanding the history of chocolate. And don't forget the "explanatory" texts that accompany the video.
Your comments regarding the vitality of cacau under shade are bang on. One of the most serious problems existing in the cacau industry of Brazil today is the battle between cacau farmers and environmentalist. There exist farms that were extremely productive in 1920 that today are completely abandonded. If you review the farms records, it is likely that you will find the attempts made generations ago to integrate rubber and you need a battery powered lamp to find the cacau trees because of shading.

The best producing portionns of our farms are those that have been DRASTICALLY opened to sunlight and trimmed to permit infiltration of light. There's a new breed of cacau farmers that have begun to apply technology instead of "fairy tales".

Keep your commentary's a breath of fresh air.

Best regards
Jim Lucas
It's just not wrong and misleading in every aspect, it's very insulting to anyone born in the Mesoamerican region.
I hadn't considered the insult but yes I can see that. With the huge budget they had they could have gotten a decent consultant on chocolate, right Clay.

I think that showing the pod as it really is would have been more intriguing for the viewer, and a damn site less difficult that inventing and fabricating that piece of crap.
Cadbury sources their cacao in Ghana and their toxic milk powder in China. Hopefully, the As & Ks will catch on and quality chocolate will gain market share.
Samantha, you said it right --> what a doozy!
i love how they are pouring chocolate bars
OMG this video is hilarious! I'm surprised the tempered, molded chocolate bars they were eating didn't have the Cadbury logo on them. So, so wrong in so many ways!
hello all,
Yes, it is rather scary to think of Cadbury being the largest seller of chocolates in many countries. It has been years since I touched the stuff, but my education into the world of good dark chocolate was late in coming.

I hope more will become educated as to the antioxidants and good properties in better quality chocolate, it would be nice to see.

for all your fave sweets, chocolate and more....candy


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