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TRANSFER SHEET CRISIS! Wedding is in 3 weeks! Im doomed...

So it's been a while since I posted a question here (which is usually a good thing!), but I'm in a bad spot right now. I will explain.

So I have been using standard chocolate transfer sheets I buy from (great site). The sheets are completely translucent like an overhead projector sheet. They are printed on with the cocoa butter print ink and other than that there is nothing on the sheet.

I decided to buy my own edible ink printer and print my own for when I do weddings because it costs too much to order them and they make me buy 100 times more than I need.

Here is the problem; the 'Blank transfer sheets' have this matte looking layer (not clear at all, its white) that is made out of like corn starch or something. THIS ISNT WHAT I WANTED! I talked on the phone with the lady for like 10 minutes trying to explain to her that I wanted them to be like the ones I get on cheffrubber that are COMPLETELY clear and have the design printed onto it like that.

The ones that I got leave weird texture marks on the chocolate and they dont transfer very well, and the color.... the color is horrendous! They look so dull! I am used to the ones ive been using that are so bright and vibrant.

Take a look at the pics on my site ( and see if you know what Im talking about.

I have to make a "J&J" logo in lavender by the end of the month and I was really hoping this printer thing would work.

Thank you so much in advance for any assistance you can provide. Anything you can offer will not only help me, but will help hundreds of others when they search the same topic because this site is the best one out there and always comes up first.



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The pre-made sheets that are clear are made with cocoa butter, not any kind of ink.  Edible ink printers only print with food coloring.  They are not going to be the same as the commercially available ones.

If they are "white looking" it is because they are made so that they will absorb the ink, therefore allowing it to adhere to the chocolate.  If you try to print on acetate, which is clear, the ink will just smear.  

Depending on where the sheets came from , they are probably covered with a mixture of cocoa butter, gelatin or something else.  

Also, if you are trying to use the ones you print on dark chocolate, they are not going to show up. You need to either spray the back of the transfer sheet after printing with white cocoa butter, or put a thin layer of white chocolate in the mold before the dark so it has a light background.

There is nothing available for a printer that will make sheets like the ones you buy from Chef Rubber.  As long as the chocolate is in temper (should be at the higher end) there will be shine.

These are some of the ones I've done using the white background.

And this one is with a thin layer of white chocolate

Hi robyn can you tell me how you get such a thin layer of white chocolate in your mold, do you slacken the chocolate down with something and how do you make it to look so white.

The top photo has white cocoa butter airbrushed over the printed image.  The second photo has a thin layer of white chocolate that I simply piped in the mold over the image.  Let that set and molded with dark chocolate.  

Airbrushing with something white is really the only way to get the true colors to show up on dark chocolate.  I did the white chocolate on the picture of my cat when I was first experimenting with the whole set up and it worked better for her blonde coloring.

Thanks for your help robyn, i use the same chocolate mold that you use for your 2 pics showing, i wonder if you have managed to find a chocolate box they actualy fit in, the standard inserts for say 6 chocs in a box are to small.

I mostly use inserts that come in boxes that I ordered from Chocolat Chocolat in Montreal. I also use some from Nashville Wraps.  They seem to fit in most I have. 

Thanks Robyn, dont know what i would do without you. Starting off is never easy the uk does not seem to cater for chocolates made from home.

Hi Robyn,

Your comments and suggestions have been a huge help to me.   I have ordered the blank sheets from Tomric and they advised the sheets are coated with "starch, modified starch, sugar".  Do you know any suppliers in the U.S. or Canada that carry the cocoa butter coated sheets?  I am nervous that the ink will not transfer/adhere to the chocolate.  The chocolates you made with the PACIFIQUE logo look great, did you make them using the  Tomric sheets?

I've only bought the one pack of sheets and those were from Tomric.  I'm not doing a lot of chocolates right now, so I haven't had the need to buy anymore. I've had good luck with them, and the Pacifique logo is just printed then airbrushed.  

This link has sheets, but it doesn't give any details on ingredients.  Bookmarked this site long ago as something to look in to, but they are more expensive. 

Dear Robyn can you please let us know your   white cocoa butter brand?  The one that you used for the Pacifique  logo.  And do you use any airbrush?  Best regards!


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