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Hi i am in India and i want to setup a transfer sheets printing setup.Anybody kind enough to help me with what type of printer ? what type of colors should i get and where in india can i find them.

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I went on this site but i dont think they will deliver in india.

but thanks


Hi Nadia,

Where exactly in India are you based? Are you a chocolatier ?

I am based in mumbai.A web designer by profession and a chocolate enthusiast i have been making chocolates for quite some years for family and friends but yes would love to venture out and become a professional chocolatier . I use to make pralines up till now but say a year back i started to make hand rolled truffles which were a big hit in my friends  so think of making maybe a micro bussiness by creating personalised chocolates and truffles.I joined this website to know from others experience as to how to go about setting a small chocolate bussiness.any words on how to and what to are welcomed.


I am from India, based in Muscat, Oman. We are at the very early stages of starting our business. Still experimenting on confections. We have difficulty sourcing equipment and ingredients, but doing so mainly from Dubai and US. 

Regarding the shipping to India. If there is a local Aramex office in Mumbai, you can sign up for a Shop and Ship account, which will  provide you US, UK, China forwarding address, and they will forward whatever you order online to your local Mumbai address. You will need to pay one time fee for the membership and shipping fees. I have been using this service for more than 3 years now. Thats the only way I can really bring  stuff from US and UK. 

I have looked up for aramex i think they have their office in mumbai so thanks .good to know that u too are setting up a bussiness so r u planning to have a physical shop or a selling point or using a webportal . i am doing a website for my chocolates since havent received a formal name as yet from indian micro industries registrar so yet to upload anything on all the best and stay in touch


We want start with selling it to hotels, sweet shops, and those that are importing chocolates..Maybe at later stage, we will open a shop. Do you plan on opening a shop?

no i am doing a website for the sale of my chocolates .i am not very good at marketing and sales so i think  having a webportal will help me and also considering other options too let see how it all works.

Hey chocolate man and Nadia,
I'm a patissier based in new Delhi, India and want to start printing custom transfer sheets for chocolates. Any leads would be greatly appreaciated. Thanks :)


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