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Can anyone answer this?  How does this chocolatier make these transfer sheets for this type of corporate logo on chocolate?  (i hope my picture attaches okay on here)

i am told it is not as simple as thinking they printed out a transfer sheet with edible cocoa butter 'ink'.......i am told that they use some sort of printing press process and have to make a plate?  HUH?  i am googling like crazy to figure this process out on what they have used but am getting nowhere.....anyone know?  i am just completing a chocolate making course and want to know how this is done. thanks!


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Cindy -

The process that most large commercial producers use to make transfer sheets is like conventional screen printing.
Ohhh! Thank you! Do you know why that complicated process would be chosen versus a printer style transfer sheet? Is it just better quality? Thank you

Most normal ink printers use very thin _transparent_ inks, which don't show up well on dark backgrounds.  Edible inks are similarly transparent, and also don't show up well on dark backgrounds.

There are transfer sheet systems for chocolate, but the transfer sheets themselves include a white background that goes on to the chocolate so that the thin transparent inks will show up.

There are digital printers which, in theory, could put down the sort of colors which would show up well on a dark background, but I don't know if anyone has actually put this into production.

As Clay mentioned, the most common transfer sheet process is to screen print using colored cocoa butter.  There are more or less expensive methods for making screens, and if you check egullet you can find discussion of DIY screen printing for transfer sheets.



Here's the direct link to the eGullet article(s) that Jonathan is referring to.

Thank you!!
Thanks very much Jon! :)

thx again for your responses.....were you able to see the picture i attached on here?  i just don't see how this would have been done with silk screening - being multi colored i out to lunch?


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