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Anyone having luck getting transfers to work consistently on white chocolate?  I'm finding that the pre-crystallized white chocolate isn't warm enough to melt the image off the transfer sheet.  These same transfers work perfectly on dark chocolate.


Any thoughts?  Thanks!!



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Never had any problems with white chocolate and transfers.  I use the chocolate at 88 degrees. I generally use either El Rey or EGuittard.

These two are the usual ones I make, and never had a flop.  

How long do you leave them before unmolding?  It helps if you can leave them overnight, even though I have rushed them and they still worked.

I'm actually not using molds, but dipping and then placing the individual sheets on top.  I wonder if the molds hold in enough residual heat to make the transfer, while there's just not enough heat hanging around to work on the dipped pieces.
Well, it's possible.  I don't do that style of chocolates, so I can't offer much.  I do know when I did mess around with trying that, I didn't leave the transfers on long enough, and they didn't adhere. You may just have to dip and get the transfer on as soon as you set it down, and leave them on overnight.  I just feel this method is too time consuming, and dipping is my least favorite part anyway.
Yeah, I agree, especially the dipping as least favorite part. :)
Because white chocolate has the lowest working temperature, your transfers are having a hard time "transferring" . So it is very important you get them on to the top of your creations immediately. Also try storing your transfers at a few different temperatures until you find the best result. Could be your transfers are too cool or even too warm to work the best. I think it is just an equation of tweaking your method, but again, most important is to remember white chocolate is already cooler working temp so will be most difficult to melt those transfers off the plastic onto your surface.


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