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Hi everyone

Hoping for some tips and ideas on how to transport my Easter chocolates.

I'm having some professional shots done for my website and the photographer advised that chocolate will show up dust spots and any other marks really easily in photography. I'm going to need to pack my easter range and transport it in the car about 1.5 hr drive.

Has anyone done this before? What do you recommend to wrap/pack the chocolate in?

Thanks in advance!


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My experience has been that no matter how careful you are, there will always be imperfections. That is what photoshop is for:)

I'm not sure what the best way to transport chocolate is, but what if you gathered two sets of your chocolates. Set 1. Finished chocolates with that 'showroom finish'.

Set 2. Finished, but unmolded chocolates to be unmolded when you arrive. Leaving the chocolates in the molds will keep them from bumping and getting fingerprinted.

Having the two sets should allow you to select from the best of either. :)




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