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Hi Folks!

It happens to be a warm August here and I happen to have the honors of making wedding favors for a friend's wedding. They came out nice if I might add. ;o   Keep in mind I am relatively new at this....


Looking for suggestions on the transportation of my delicate morsels to the venue. I prefer them to be intact and not melted! I was planning on placing them in a cooler with ice packs. Any better ideas?

Thanks for your suggestions.

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Packaged or not packaged?
If your favors are packaged in boxes the cooler with ice packs will be fine.
I would suggest putting the ice packs on the bottom of the cooler. 1 or 2 - you don't want the favors to be so cold that when you take them out in a hot enviornment that they sweat. Place a piece of cardboard down on top of the packs to create a barrier. That will prevent any condensation, from the ice packs, from ruining your packaging.
I hope this helps.
The chocolates are boxed. Thanks so much for the info!
What Shelley said! Not too much cold.


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