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Traveling to Dominican Republic and to source organic cacao. Can you help me?

i will be taking a trip to the dominican republic this august for one week. I will be in the south central region. does anyone have any information and/or contacts for organic cacao beans over there? any help is greatly appreciated!


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Hello Malenie,

How are you?


I can see that you already travelled to Dominican Republic on 2009 and I am planning to go on May.

I would like to know if you visited some plantations over there (organic and no organic) and maybe you can recommend me where to go!!!

I want to visit plantations and open relationship with beans suppliers. And off course I want to learn the hole process of cocoa bean (fermented and dried beans).



Look forward for your comments...



You could contact the Rizeks, the Roigs, or the Concanado co-op to start with.  All have websites.

Thank you very much Sebastian!!!

I already talked to Nazario RIZEK and made an appointment in their offices in Santo Domngo. They will also take me to the "fincas" inside the country and spend the hole day!!! So your contact is excellent.

Thanks a lot!

The names listed below are good.  I already have sources of organic hispanola beans if you are interested.  However, I am sure you want to get down there and see the whole process anyway.  :-)  Let me know if I can help in any way



Hello Eric,

Thanks a lot for your comment.

I am interested if you have other sources of cocoa beans (organic and no organic).

Off course I want to see the hole process and I would like to visit them. 

I have a hole week to travel all around Dominican Republic and visit growers and plantations.


I would urge you to NOT let one organization know you're going to talk with the other organizations there.


Who did you speak with at Rizek - Masimillano (Max)?  Ask him about his DVD to get the 'non business' relationship growing 8-)

For the moment, nobody knows who I am going to visit.

I spoke to Chalyin and Yissel from RIZEK. They will take me to the fincas. 

Maybe they can give me the DVD as well as Maximiliano..


Francisco -

You might also want to get in touch with ChocolateLife member Vaagn (member name: Marabel Farms). They have a plantation along the north coast.

:: Clay

Very good to know that!

I will contact him.

Thank you very much.


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