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We're visiting family and friends this weekend and both a visit to the TSA website and a phone call are not leaving me any clearer on how I should packge the truffles I'm planning to bring along for the least amount of fuss.  Does anyone have a recent experience to share?

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I've made the trip from LA to Vermont and as long as you are willing to send them through the x-ray machine, you should be fine. Just make sure you don't seal them up in case they want to look at them to make sure they aren't a WMD!  :-)  Have a great trip!

Thank you! It's either going to be Tupperware, Ziploc bags, or some combination thereof.

I thought there really should be a meaning of WMD that applies to truffles and I finally came up with Waistline Mass Distender...but only if they're eaten to excess ;)

HaHa! Love it! That would certainly qualify in my part of the woods!

Ok, made it through security. Definitely need a better transport solution...they're tumbling about in the container!


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