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I fairly new at making chocolate truffles but they are getting very popular. Basically at the minute the shelf life of my truffles are 5-7 days as I use fresh cream (which has not been boiled first)

Someone has told me that if I follow the below recipe then I can extend the truffles to have a shelf life of 3 months at room temperature, is this right?

400g chocolate
150ml fresh cream

Melt chocolate. Boil the cream then cool to 115 degrees. Add cream to chocolate to create an emulsion. When set, roll into balls and dip into chocolate/coverings.

From what i understand by boiling the cream i would be sterilising it.

Any help & advice is very much appreciated!

Thanks :) x

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You can extend shelf life by adding glucose, corn syrup, invert sugar or alcohol to the recipe. also be careful about not leaving any air bubbles inside the truffle, or it'll be a certain spot for mold. I boil my cream and let it rest until it reaches 30C, then I mix it with the tempered chocolate.

Thanks Daniela, how long do your truffles last? Do you add the extra preservatives to your recipe? Thanks x

Haha I'm not sure actually, they never last that long, but I've opened them within 2 weeks and they're still perfect. I've read that using glucose, boiling the cream and using tempered chocolate makes your chocolates last very long (about a month). But it also depends on your recipe.

You can also freeze your ganaches, and finished truffles as well :) so you can work the heavy seasons in advance


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