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Hi! I just bought a truffle shell mold and then I realized I really dont know how to use it :S does anyone have any videos or info about this?  I really want to make my own truffle shells :(

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It really depends on which mold you bought.  A link or picture would be helpful.

I have this mold and use it successfully. The holes are there so you can create hollow truffle shells (just like the ones you buy). I bought it because I couldn't find organic truffle shells anywhere.

Only 1 side has holes in it. The other side is half spheres without holes. I place the non-holes side of the mold on my vibrator and, using a squeeze bottle, I fill each half sphere about 2/3 to 3/4 full with chocolate. If you make it too full, the chocolate doesn't pour out easily when you need it to. Also, the squeeze bottle doesn't take long at all once you get the hang of it. This mold has too many bumps and ridges to just fill and scrape.

Once the half spheres are all full, click the other side on (it's magnetic). I now vibrate it on all sides so that the chocolate almost pours out of the 'necks'. Once you do it a few times you'll get the angle. You want the chocolate to completely coat the whole sphere.
I then hold it upside down over my melter with the holes face down and 'tap, tap, tap' to get out excess chocolate. It should pour right out. If you put too much chocolate in to begin with the necks might get plugged with chocolate. Then you need to take a toothpick and poke it in the neck to create a flow. I've gotten pretty good at getting the right amount of chocolate in the half sphere to prevent that extra step.
I keep the mold upside down to set.

When you take them out of the mold they look like Christmas tree decorations with their little necks. I take a sharp knife and chop their little necks off (bawh, ha, ha!!!). They actually come off really easily. Then you're left with a truffle shell to fill. I tried filling before removing them from the mold but it didn't work well for me. However, if you have a very liquidy center, I think it would be no problem at all.

Good luck!

Wow thank you! I really had no idea how to do it efficently, your method sounds awesome :)!! We make our own chocolate in our shop so I didnt wanted to use a different type of chocolate for the shells so I figured doing them myself. I'll try that as soon as my molds get here :D thank you!

Ok so I tried it. Didn't work 100% :(, first I tried filling them all the way, as I supposed, the chocolate clogged and couldn't get out, not even with tapping. Then I filled them like 3/4, but I had trouble getting the chocolate cover the whole sphere and then, getting the rest of the chocolate out. It is my first try though, so far I'm still excited :)

Is there another way of removing the necks?


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