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Hi! I am looking to make chocolate truffle trees/towers for weddings and other events. Does anyone know if there are tools to do this, or just simple a foam cone and toothpicks? I am looking for something sturdier and specific to this purpose. 


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Here is an example of the old "cone ball and toothpick" - this is from House of Chocolate in New Zealand.

I was going to suggest a cardboard cone, which can be found at many different craft places, but that looks real cool Stu.


If you choose to use the cone method, you can wrap your truffles in colorful foil (I'm a redneck and like shiny things), and then use "sticky dots" to fix them to the cone. 


Another idea is to check out the website at They have edible glitter that we use in our shop for "blinged out" lollipops.  You could roll your truffles in glitter too for your tree.


...but I DO like the one in the photo that was just posted.  Probably the nicest I've seen yet.





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