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I make molded truffles with ganache made with tempered chocolate, I leave them overnight at room temp to crystallise and then I cover them up. The problem I'm having is that SOME truffles crack open and others dont (most of them dont), even thought the ones that crack open smell and taste fine and have no sign of mold. It is driving me crazy! Any ideas, comments or suggestions of why this is happening and how can I prevent that?

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I came upon something pretty interesting, I don't know if it has happened to anyone as well.

As I mentioned above, I had some issues with my truffles cracking so I did the shell a little bit thicker and now they cracked in the bottom! BUT I noticed that it happened only with my vanilla truffles (made with vanilla bean), so I payed more attention to these and I noticed that when I leave the truffles to set overnight they start to sponge (like a bread) but no fermentation smell or anything happens and its texture is amazing, like if it was whipped ganache (though, it's not) I want to know how to do it haha. The ganache is 3 weeks old already and it's perfect still, except for the sponging thing.


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