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Hello -- I am a hobbyist, but have been contracted to make 300 truffles for a corporate party. Because of time and equipment limitations, I will have to spread out the production. I am wondering:

1) how far in advance I can make a complete product (ganache dipped and garnished)?

2) how long the ganache will remain in optimum condition undipped?

A few details: all are sliced slabs and the majority will be garnished with transfers. Some dark chocolate, some milk chocolate.

Thanks in advance!


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OK -- I have figured out that I can get all of the truffles made and dipped within 4 or 5 days. I think that should be fine in terms of shelf life (please shout if you disagree!). I still have the other question though: how long can I leave the ganache undipped without degrading the quality? Also, when I am storing it in its undipped form, should it be stored in the regular fridge or can I keep it in my wine fridge (62 degrees)?

I know that the truffles garnished with transfers will hold up fine if they are dipped several days in advance. My concern are the others -- one garnished with a nut, the other with sea salt. I don't know how those will behave if they are dipped ahead of time and sit in the fridge for more than a day or so. Please help :) 

In my humble opinion, I don't think the wine fridge will be safe to store your truffles. I have dipped and held truffles for over  a week, in a 40degree fridge and have been safe with them. I think if you look into invertase or some other mold inhibitors you might be able to increase your safety margin. I of course, defer to other experts who will hopefully be able to help you!

Thanks Linda -- my Peter Greweling book says never to refrigerate ganache in a standard fridge, but it is unclear if he means you shouldn't do that to force crystalization or if you should just never do  it, ever. I was also worried about any weird sort of humidity things that may happen in the fridge. I guess I will play it better safe than sorry though and get the uncoated ganache and finished truffles in the regular fridge. What is your advice on storing the finished truffles? Something air tight? I find that is fine for my chocolate with transfers, but I have had issues with the ones I garnish in sea salt (the salt liquified!).

Hi Katie,
First, congratulations on your order! That's great. . I store my product in a wine cooler at 65 degrees and have not had a problem with shelf life for a week or two. I do not use invertase or other preservatives. I personally draw the line at about two weeks for storing because my customers may not eat the product for a week or two and I want it to still taste fresh. I recommend that you not store your finished truffles in the regular fridge as it is too cold and chocolate will pick up other favors that are in there. Dip your ganache within 24 hours, so long as it has crystallized. That seals out oxygen, which promotes spoilage. I too have had issues with salt melting on finished product. It is the result of humidity. If you have a lot of humidity in your area then dip the salt garnished truffles last and use a dehumidifier in the room. I store them in a wine cooler, but if that isn't an option, then keep them on a counter in a cold dry room and cover them. And despite your best efforts, they may melt once you leave to deliver them if it's warmer or more humid than where you store them. I have pitched more than one batch because of this. Good luck!


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