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I know, I must have too much time on my hands, but I was wondering if anyone "tunes" their guitar. It makes sense that the wires are the same size, and the same length. Shouldn't they play the same note? I figure that it must let you know that the tension is the same, correct?  I haven't tightened the wires on my most used frame for a long time, so I tightened it up today. I tried to get about the same note. Am I crazy?

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Makes sense to me - that way they'll all have the same tension.  Do it do it - no.

Ruth, I love the things you come up with!  I agree - it makes sense.  I was cutting caramels with my guitar yesterday so I'm sure it needs a tighten.  I noticed that 3 of the wires were always lagging behind.  I'll pluck all the wires and see if those 3 sounds different :)


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