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Many people know that I advocate using under-counter refrigeration in chocolate kitchens whenever possible because work space always seems to be at a premium. If you are using smaller, counter-top tempering machines it even makes sense to consider using a low-boy chocolate crystallization cabinet like one from Irinox so you can put your molds in for cooling without having to move from the work counter.

I just learned about an option that may make more sense for many kitchens, which is to have a heated cabinet that's large enough to hold a countertop tempering machine (or machines, depending on whose you use). You could use the cabinet to melt chocolate overnight and to keep it melted (makes tempering a lot faster if you start from melted) or you could use it to keep the molds you're using for that day's production at exactly the right temperature. This is especially valuable for people that are using colored cocoa butter as the temperature of the mold can make a huge difference.

Here's a photo of a low-boy heating cabinet from Bakon:

If something like this sounds interesting to you let me know and I can contact Bakon and see if I can arrange special pricing for ChocolateLife members.

If you're right-handed, it would make sense to have a crystallization fridge to the right of a cabinet like this so you can open up the door and slide in the finished mold/piece(s). 

Bakon also makes and sells tempering machines and melters, and sells the Koma line of chocolate holding cabinets. Contact me if interested in any of these.

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