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I made a batch of vegan brownie bites from the Baby Cakes Bakery cook book. They came out amazingly moist and delicious. I was surprised how lava like they were and that they retained their moisture so well. I'm going to try a few other recipes in there to learn about the chemistry of using coconut oil, xanthan gum and other flours I'm not used to. Fun stuff!

The worst part:the mini-muffin pan I used was almost new and some how got in contact with water on the bottom. It's started to rust and I'm not sure which chemistry experiment to do to make them like new? Any ideas on how to bring it back to looking brand new?

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An acid will remove the rust, reduce vs oxidize. If just light surface rust vinegar will help. If more than that try navel jelly, a gelled sulfuric acid. However any pitting from the rust will be there no matter what.


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